A social network for sharing contacts.
Web design
Mobile app
Mission – develop a clean, clear and modern design, and refine the current UX of the application

The client went to the agency with a ready-made design, which he was not satisfied with.


Showing what awaits the user in the app even before registration.

Quick registration from anywhere in the world

Introducing the user to the app before registration.

Sync with your local address book in real-time

The app automatically notifies your contacts and updates their devices when your phone, email, or address changes. No need to announce the change via social media or track down contacts individually.

Share quickly and easily

For simpler adding of other users to the friends and further "shoring" of contacts to them, the mechanism of QR-code generation and, correspondingly, QR-scanner have been developed and introduced into the application.

Divide contacts into public and private

Choose how much information your personal or business contacts can view - even on a case-by-case basis.

We have developed more than 80 screens
A landing page

We developed a landing page, where we introduce the user to the application
with short videos.

Ivan Repin
Art Director
Denis Zagidullin
Tatiana Vols