Design and production of curtains and accessories for home and office.
UX/UI Design
Logo Design
Project Objectives

The client turned to the agency for a complete repackaging of the brand. The company used to be called "Isabel". We developed new naming, a website with a catalog of curtains and accessories, and the main elements of corporate identity.


Macurtin" - the name is formed from the consonant of the English word combination "my curtain. For ease of sound, the letter "a" was removed from the word Curtain. The name reads as Makartin [mak`art'in]. The consonance with "picture" causes an association with the decoration of the house, and the consonance with the popular English manufacturer Aston Martin, adds a European accent to the sound.
Bottom line: soft, friendly phonetics and the right semantic knot achieved. [] - the domain is free.


We developed a new logo and the main elements of the corporate style. Lookbook is convenient for the designer to take with him to meetings with the client to show fabric samples and examples of interiors.

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